We are smitten by Me and A Cup of Hot Chocolate’s printed whimsical square scarves that we decided to share several ways to wear and get your absolute style mileage off it. Here, we rounded up 7 easy ways.

Fold your scarf into a triangle. Tie the 2 ends of the triangle around your neck. Tie the tails around your waist. Instant halter top!

A chic and fun way to wear a scarf is like a rosette. Just fold the scarf into a triangle and wear around your neck. Twist the ends together to achieve a spiral braid and tie the ends. Now the tricky part is to knot the braid without pulling the tail all the way out.

If you have an extra dose of confidence to spare or is heading out to the beach, bring along your square scarf with you and wear as a bandeau. Just fold the opposite corners of the scarf into the center. Make it into a long line that’s neither ¬†too thin and nor too wide. Wear it around your chest and tie at the front.

This way is quite easy especially if tying a neck tie is your specialty. Fold the square scarf into a triangle and wear around your with the ends hanging in front. Make a knot about halfway down. Now slide the other end into the knot for a school boy scarf look!

Quite a no brainer, the strapless style is the easiest way to wear a scarf. Make 2 ends meet at the center and wrap around yourself. Tie at the back.

Now this style is quite interesting but you would need 2 square scarves. First fold both of the scarves into a triangle . Tie the same end of the triangles together. Make sure that when you hold it from the tie, both triangles point outward. Knot around the nape of your neck and at the front just a little bit above your navel. Tie at the back too. Best when layered over skin tight clothing.

A simple yet equally stylish way is to do a scarf is wear it as a cowl neck top. Just tie 2 adjacent corners of the scarf  together and knot around your nape. Tie the ends at the back. Best when layered with a tank or a bodycon.

So there you have it. 7 chic and simple ways to wear your square scarf. And that’s not even counting the ways we are so used to.